Ways To Cut Down On Your Car Insurance

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Everybody loves to save a buck here and there.  Auto insurance is one area that is often overlooked when it comes to saving money as many assume it is a fixed premium.  However, the options for discounts are plentiful.  If you are looking to save money on auto insurance, see if you qualify for any of the following options.  Payment Discount Most people thoughtlessly pay their monthly car insurance premiums without even a second glance at the bill.  If you have set up your bill to be automatically drafted from your account, it is unlikely that you even look at your bill at all! Next time your bill arrives in the mail, don’t just toss it in the trash.  Take a look and you might notice that an installment fee is added to your premium because you are paying monthly.  This fee is waived if you pay your premiums in 6 month or one year payments.  Therefore, with a little savings and strategy, you can save a little cash by paying less frequently. Good Driver Discounts This discount is as simple as it sounds.  Much of your premium is based on your driving record.  Therefore, the fewer accidents and traffic violations your record boasts, the lower your rates.   Maintaining a Good Credit Score You might be surprised to learn that your credit score is factored into your monthly rate.  According to thezebra.com, you can work to keep your premiums low merely by paying your bills on time and making consistent monthly payments.   Multiline Discounts Did you know that you can save money on your car insurance premium, in addition to your homeowners insurance, renters insurance, or life insurance policies just by using the same provider for each? Many insurance companies provide a discount for each policy that you have with the company.   Anti-theft Systems Have you installed an anti-theft system in your car? This investment not only protects your car from theft, it also serves to decrease your insurance rates, depending upon the provider.  Every car insurance provider is different. These discounts represent some possible options for keeping your rates low.  However, it is important that you exercise your right as a consumer and learn about the specific discounts that your provider offers.  Getting married, making good grades, and taking a driving course can also serve to lower your rate, depending on your provider.  Call your insurance agent today from a company like United Security Agency to learn about your options, and start saving money on auto insurance...

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New Property Owner? What You Need To Know About Your Landscape And Home Owners Insurance

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If you just bought your home, you’re likely thinking about how awesome your front and back yard is going to be when your finished decking it out the way you want. What you might not consider is the fact that the same things that can damage your home can also have a negative impact on your landscape. This guide explains what your insurance company pays for and what it doesn’t pay for in the event of a catastrophic event, so you can add additional coverage if needed. When Landscape Is Covered Under Homeowners Insurance Check with the insurance companies you’re considering to find out the particulars of what they will cover in your landscaping. Typically, insurance companies cover a certain percentage of the costs due to damage caused by the following events: vandalism fire lightning explosions Keep in mind that you may not receive the full replacement amount and not all items are covered. As with any other insurance claim, deductibles come into play, so whether it is worth filing a claim depends on how much the replacement value is. When Landscape Is Not Covered Under Homeowners Insurance Not all catastrophic events are covered by homeowners insurance when it comes to any aspect of your home, including landscaping. In many cases, landscape damage from a storm with high winds is not covered. Many insurance companies pay to have a fallen tree from a windstorm removed from your property. They will also pay for the damages to any structure that the tree hit. But they will not pay to replace the tree. Tree and plant damage causes by pests are not typically covered. Additionally, the insurance company doesn’t typically pay if plants and trees die from neglect.   Special Landscape and Homeowners Insurance Considerations As you’re planning your landscape, keep in mind that various structures such as pergolas, sheds, and other landscape buildings should be declared on your policy so that you can have the peace of mind knowing that you have coverage. If you’re decking out your landscape with expensive or exotic plants, consider additional coverage to be sure that you’re covered in the event that they are destroyed. Read your homeowners insurance policy carefully to determine whether all your hard work and landscaping expenses are covered. Remember that each company is different in what they cover. Ask your insurance company to explain anything in your policy that you don’t understand, and check to see if you can purchase additional insurance for landscaping items you pay a lot of money for. Talk to a company like Axis Insurance Agency for more...

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