Seniors: How To Cut Your Auto Insurance After Retirement

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If you have recently retired, you are probably pretty excited about being able to spend time doing the things that you enjoy doing without having to worry about punching a time clock. One thing that you probably aren’t particularly excited about, however, is continuing to pay the same expensive bills that you have been paying. Luckily, there are ways to cut some of your bills after retirement. For example, there’s a good chance that you can reduce the cost of your auto insurance. Try these tips to lower your monthly rate and enjoy increased savings during your retirement. Ask if You Qualify for a Discount You shouldn’t assume that your insurance company has given you all of the discounts that you qualify for. You might qualify for a senior citizen discount if you are over a certain age, or your membership in a club like AARP can also help you qualify for a discount with certain companies. Retired military, those who have retired from different local companies or corporations and more also often qualify for discounts. Have a chat with your agent to find out more about the discounts that are available and whether or not you qualify for any of them. Empty Nester? Remove Your Kids from Your Policy If your kids are out of the house, there is really no need for them to be on your insurance policy anymore. If you haven’t yet let your insurance company know that your kids are off at college or out on their own, now is the time to do so. This can greatly reduce your insurance rates, especially if your kids are still young or if they have had tickets or been in accidents. Let Your Agent Know That You are No Longer Commuting to Work Your insurance company charges higher rates if you have to drive long distances back and forth to work each day. Now that you will probably be spending more time at home, let your agent know that you won’t be commuting anymore. This lets your insurance company know that you are at less of a risk of getting in an accident, which can cause your rates to go down. As you can see, there are a few different ways that you can reduce your auto insurance rate. Give these tips a try, and you shouldn’t have to worry about paying as much for your auto insurance now that you are retired. You could also try switching to a cheaper policy. Check out auto insurance policies at companies like Colling Insurance Services, Inc to find out what coverage best suits your needs and your...

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Auto Insurance Questions You Should Be Able To Answer

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A car is always a major investment to make, and it is also a tool that you likely need on a daily basis. However, auto accidents are a common occurrence that can leave you injured and your car ruined. Fortunately, you can purchase an insurance policy to help protect yourself from this routine threat. Sadly, insurance policies can seem dauntingly complex to many people, and if this applies to you, learning these two questions and answers will help you be more informed about this type of protection.  Can You Simply Not Report An Accident To your Insurance Company? It is not uncommon for people to be involved in minor accidents, and they may assume that it is not necessary to get an accident report or file a claim with the insurance company. You may think this is a harmless action, but it can have profound implications later.  Almost every auto insurance policy requires the policyholder to alert the insurance whenever an accident occurs. This applies regardless of whether or not you were responsible for the incident. Failing to meet these reporting requirements can cause the insurance company to deny your policy if you are in an accident later. To avoid this problem, you should always report any accident regardless of whether or not you think it is too minor to be worth reporting.  What Can You Do If The Other Party Was Driving Without Insurance? Legally, individuals are required to have insurance before operating a car on public roads, but there are some people that ignore this requirement. If you’re unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident with one of these people, you may not be able to receive compensation. Some people overlook the fact that auto insurance is primarily designed to compensate other drivers for accidents that you cause.  As a result, if the other driver does not have insurance, you may feel as though your options are limited. Fortunately, there is a type of insurance that is designed to protect you from this potentially devastating situation. Uninsured motorist insurance is just for these situations, and when you file this type of claim, your insurance will compensate you before filing legal action against the other driver to recover their costs. While it is possible for you to take legal action on your own behalf, an uninsured motorist policy may make it possible for you pass this responsibility to your insurer.  Your car insurance policy may be something that you’re rarely give a second thought, but if you are involved in an accident, it can save you from the crushing financial obligations that result from the incident. By understanding the importance of reporting every accident and the benefits of uninsured motorist insurance, you should be better able to get the most from this type of protection. To learn more about auto insurance, visit the experts at Butler &...

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