3 Tips For Buying A Home With Low Insurance Rates

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When buying a new home, not only are you presented with the new cost of your home’s mortgage and property tax, but you will also have your homeowners insurance rate to worry about. In most cases, there is very little you can do to reduce the cost of your mortgage rate and property tax. However, there are a few solutions that can help you obtain a lower homeowners insurance rate. So, before you select a house to make an offer on, be sure to consider finding ways to obtain affordable homeowners insurance by doing the following: Check the Local Crime Rate: Crime rate can easily influence the cost of how much you end up paying for your home insurance. This is why it is critical that you find a neighborhood with low rates when it comes to the history of crime. You will also want to check for crime trends. If the crime rate in the neighborhood that you are interested in is rising then your insurance rate may be increased years after buying your home. Checking this will help you save on your insurance rate as insurance providers will feel like you are less of a liability by living in a safe community. You will also have a lower chance of having to file a claim for home damages caused by theft, which is another way you can save. Avoid Buying A Home Far Away From A Fire Station Did you know that if your home falls outside of a fire station radius, which can sometimes be a 5-mile distance, you could be paying higher insurance rates? This increase can add up over the time that you live in your home, which is why checking for local fire stations may be something to keep in mind. Consider a Gated Community: Reducing the chance of home theft and having to file claims can definitely reduce the cost of your homeowners insurance. So, if you have been thinking about moving into a gated community, consider doing it if you want to maximize your savings on your insurance bill. Moving into a gated community is another way to avoid home damages as burglars are less likely to put forth the effort and break into your home if there is a huge gate or alarms surrounding your home. Insurance providers will provide you with discounted rates as you are less of a target for home theft. Applying these concerns and tips when shopping for your new house can help you not only find a home that is in a safer neighborhood, but will also help you obtain more affordable insurance rates. Check out the site for your real estate agent for more information....

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How To Obtain Lower Car Insurance Quotes

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If you are in the market for a new insurance policy, your biggest concern and what will help you select a new insurance provider is likely going to come down to the cost of your policy. Well, if you aren’t receiving any good rates from insurance providers, there may be a solution that you can take advantage of which will help you obtain lower rates and will allow you to obtain quality insurance coverage. So, before you shop around for a new insurance policy, consider doing the following: Remove Points from Your Record: Before you begin applying for quotes from different insurance companies, consider removing any points that you have against your driving record first. Driving points on your record can influence the quotes you receive more than you think and this could end up costing you hundreds, even thousands a year. So, before applying for a new insurance policy, attend a local traffic school center as this will allow you to have the ability to remove points from your record. This will ensure that insurance providers don’t feel like you are a big liability for them to insure as they won’t be able to see any points that have been removed from your record, which can help you obtain lower rates. Drop Your Other Coverages and Bundle With a New Provider: Another great way to save when it comes to your car insurance is utilizing a new insurance company that can cover you with all of your insurance needs. So, when shopping around for a new policy, consider a company that can offer you not just car insurance, but also other policies such as renters, homeowners, and even life insurance. Bundling all of your insurance coverages under one account can help you obtain discounted rates across all of your policies and this is a very effective way to save. Get an Estimate for Your Car’s Value: Knowing how much coverage you actually need is important as this will prevent you from guessing, which can result in you buying more coverage than you actually need. So, don’t get a quote based on the car’s value when you first bought it but based on the value of its current worth. This will help you avoid buying unneeded coverage, so you can be certain that you maximize your savings. Utilizing these tips will help you obtain a lower insurance rate when getting quotes from different insurance companies. Not only will it help you save, but it will allow you to get the most out of your new insurance plan as you won’t have to worry about dropping or reducing coverage in order to save on your insurance bill. Contact a business, such as Cornerstone Insurance Group, for more...

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How Major Life Events Affect Your Auto Insurance Rates

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A life event is anything that changes your personal circumstances or status. Life events have the ability to increase, decrease or even invalidate your auto insurance coverage. Here are some of the major life events, and how they may affect your car insurance:  Marrying and Divorcing As a general rule, marriage has a beneficial effect on your auto insurance rates. Most insurance will give you a discount once you get married. Available statistics show that married drivers are less likely to get involved in auto accidents as compared to their single counterparts. The exception is if your partner has a bad driving history, for example, if they have a conviction for driving under the influence (DUI) on their record. In that case, marriage may actually increase your rates. There are also other indirect ways in which marriage may lower your rates. For example, you may get a multi-car discount if you both own cars or infrequent driver discount if you decide to use one of the cars for most of your journeys. All these gains are likely to get reversed, however, when you divorce. Having a Child Having a child isn’t likely to have a direct effect on your car insurance rates. However, there are numerous indirect ways in which it may increase or decrease your premiums. Consider these examples: Buying a bigger car – Some people upgrade to bigger cars after the baby; bigger cars tend to be more expensive, which results in increased premiums. Safety gadgets – Parents tend to be more safety conscious than parents. Most insurance companies have discounts for car owners who install safety gadgets. Reduced mileage –Babies reduce your free time, which means you may not drive as much as you did during your single days. This reduced mileage may result in lower insurance rates. Moving Moving is another example of a major life event that may have both direct and indirect effects on your car insurance premiums. Insurers often give different quotes for different zip codes. This is because your zip code represents your geography, and different areas present different risks to insurers. For examples, motorists in areas with high crime rates attract higher premiums, as does motorists in high accident areas. The effect may even be greater if you move out of state. State laws determine insurance costs and states have different laws. For example, moving from a state with a low minimum coverage to a state with a high minimum coverage may increase your rates. The good news is you can manipulate many of these factors to your benefit. For example, you can decide whether or not to combine your policy with your spouse. You can also install safety gadgets to attract security discounts. In short, you won’t always be at the mercy of your life’s events if you are well informed.  For further assistance, contact a local provider, such...

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