2 Methods For Lowering Your Homeowners Insurance Rates

Posted by on May 17, 2016 in Uncategorized

One of the most important types of insurance that you can purchase is homeowners insurance, mostly because this type of insurance can help you recover from a burglary, natural disaster, accidents, or vandalism. In some cases, homeowners insurance can pay to entirely rebuild a destroyed home and provide you with money to use to rent a place to stay while your home is repaired or rebuilt. Listed below are two methods that can help you lower the rates on a homeowners insurance policy.

Install Security Systems

When a home insurance company determines your rates they will be trying to figure out how much of a risk your home is in terms of a break-in or vandalism. This is because the higher the risk of break-ins or vandalism the greater the chances are that you will have to file a claim for repairs and stolen property, which will cost your insurance company quite a bit of money. In the end, this will result in higher rates on your policy if you live in a neighborhood that is considered high risk.

However, one way to lower your insurance rates is by minimizing the risk to your home by installing a security system. A security system can vastly reduce the chances that your home will be broken into as the system makes your home a less inviting target for thieves and vandals. In some cases, simply seeing a sign that you have a security system in place is enough to send a potential intruder in search of a much easier target. 

Strengthen Your Doors

Another way to minimize the risk to your home and lower your insurance rates is to make the front and back doors to your home as strong as possible. This is helpful because many doors do not actually pose a big obstacle to a burglar, so replacing them with more sturdy options can reduce the chances of the burglar getting into the house.

One easy way to strengthen your front and back doors is by replacing the door jamb with metal pieces and stronger fixtures. In addition, using longer screws when installing the strike plate and door jamb will make your door much harder to kick in. With these modifications made, you can then contact your insurance agent and describe the modifications, at which point the insurance agent may be able to offer you a discounted homeowners insurance policy.

Contact your insurance agent today, like those at Harris Insurance Services, in order to discuss the many ways in which you can reduce your homeowners insurance rates. Securing your home and making it less likely to be robbed or broken into by installing security systems and strengthening your doors are great ways to qualify for better insurance rates.