Three Ways That Livestock Insurance Helps Keep Small Farms Afloat

Posted by on Oct 7, 2016 in Uncategorized

If you’ve recently made the decision to own and operate a small family farm, chances are good that you have never even heard about livestock insurance. However, a good livestock insurance policy provides an excellent way to hedge your bets against the possibility that something happens to the animals that you’re counting on to produce income. Most small farmers already know about crop insurance, and it makes sense to cover your livestock in the same way. The following are five things that you should know about livestock insurance.

Livestock Insurance Protects Against Decreasing Market Prices

Besides covering you in the event that your livestock becomes ill, injured, or dead before you can realize a profit from raising it, the right livestock insurance policy can also protect you in the event of a decline in market prices. For instance, if you’re raising beef cattle, and the price of beef takes a sudden downturn, your policy provides a buffer against a sudden drop in the price of beef. The same thing applies to animal products such as milk and eggs. Many small farmers who might have otherwise lost their land have been able to ride out unexpected storms because they had a good livestock insurance policy in place. 

Livestock Insurance Protects Against Predators 

Discovering that precious livestock have been killed by predators is a devastating experience that’s made even worse by the financial losses involved. Fortunately, the right type of livestock insurance can protect you and your family from taking a serious monetary hit in the event that wolves or other predators attack and kill your ranging livestock. Be sure to ask your insurance agent whether additional compensation is available for wildlife losses due to predator activity through conservation groups. Some conservation groups pay out compensation to ranchers who live in areas where predator reintroduction efforts are underway. 

Livestock Insurance Protects Against Loss of Forage 

Wild weather patterns have disrupted many agricultural operations across the country in recent years. The American West in particular has been hit hard by unpredictable and changing weather patterns. Drought conditions have severely restricted the growth of vegetation that ranging livestock have traditionally relied on for forage materials, and wildfires have destroyed significant amounts of rangeland. You can protect your crop against loss of forage with a good livestock insurance policy. 

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