How Major Life Events Affect Your Auto Insurance Rates

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A life event is anything that changes your personal circumstances or status. Life events have the ability to increase, decrease or even invalidate your auto insurance coverage. Here are some of the major life events, and how they may affect your car insurance:  Marrying and Divorcing As a general rule, marriage has a beneficial effect on your auto insurance rates. Most insurance will give you a discount once you get married. Available statistics show that married drivers are less likely to get involved in auto accidents as compared to their single counterparts. The exception is if your partner has a bad driving history, for example, if they have a conviction for driving under the influence (DUI) on their record. In that case, marriage may actually increase your rates. There are also other indirect ways in which marriage may lower your rates. For example, you may get a multi-car discount if you both own cars or infrequent driver discount if you decide to use one of the cars for most of your journeys. All these gains are likely to get reversed, however, when you divorce. Having a Child Having a child isn’t likely to have a direct effect on your car insurance rates. However, there are numerous indirect ways in which it may increase or decrease your premiums. Consider these examples: Buying a bigger car – Some people upgrade to bigger cars after the baby; bigger cars tend to be more expensive, which results in increased premiums. Safety gadgets – Parents tend to be more safety conscious than parents. Most insurance companies have discounts for car owners who install safety gadgets. Reduced mileage –Babies reduce your free time, which means you may not drive as much as you did during your single days. This reduced mileage may result in lower insurance rates. Moving Moving is another example of a major life event that may have both direct and indirect effects on your car insurance premiums. Insurers often give different quotes for different zip codes. This is because your zip code represents your geography, and different areas present different risks to insurers. For examples, motorists in areas with high crime rates attract higher premiums, as does motorists in high accident areas. The effect may even be greater if you move out of state. State laws determine insurance costs and states have different laws. For example, moving from a state with a low minimum coverage to a state with a high minimum coverage may increase your rates. The good news is you can manipulate many of these factors to your benefit. For example, you can decide whether or not to combine your policy with your spouse. You can also install safety gadgets to attract security discounts. In short, you won’t always be at the mercy of your life’s events if you are well informed.  For further assistance, contact a local provider, such...

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Things To Consider When Choosing Home Insurance Coverage

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Are you lost when it comes to getting the best home insurance coverage because you have never had it before? You may be able to take advantage of more benefits than you think if you choose the right type of coverage for your house. This article will discuss the type of coverage that you should consider when deciding on which type of homeowners insurance plan is the most ideal for your home. 1. Personal Belongings in Your House Can Be Covered A home insurance plan is more than about having coverage for your house, it can also extend to your personal belongings that are kept inside of the house. The reason it is a good idea to make sure your personal belongings are covered is because you can never predict when your house might be burglarized. There are some home insurance plans that will allow you to cover specific personal items. For instance, if you have expensive jewelry or rare collectibles in your home, a home insurance plan might give you the opportunity to get compensated for them if they are stolen or damaged. 2. You Can Have Coverage When You Take Road Trips Home insurance can actually be a big advantage even when you’re not at home much–like if you are a big traveler. You must keep in mind that when you are staying in hotels during your road trips, different maids or other hotel staff will be in your room, possibly when you are not there. Home insurance will give you the advantage of filing a claim to get compensated if any of your personal belongings turn up missing. This kind of coverage actually goes beyond hotel rooms, as it can also cover personal items that come up stolen out of your vehicle. Coverage for personal items in a vehicle can be beneficial whether you are a traveler or not. 3. You Can Have a Peace of Mind in the Event of a House Fire The worst thing about house fires is that they can spark up at any given time. No matter how good you are in the habit of making sure appliance like the kitchen stove is turned off when not in use, your house can still be at risk of a fire. All it takes is bad electrical wiring. Home insurance will allow you to get your house repaired without getting into a financial bind if a fire occurs. Contact the home insurance company of your choice to get coverage that is great for more than just your...

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What Are The Best Ways To Save Money On Car Insurance?

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AAA just released a study that shows driving and operating a vehicle is now $8,698 annually. This translates to a cost of approximately $725 per month! You can reduce the cost of operating your vehicle by seeking low-cost auto insurance. The following tips will help you reduce your auto insurance rates and save money every year. Get Some Money in Savings, then Reduce Coverage on Older Vehicles Assuming that your older vehicle isn’t a prized antique that you’ll want to hang on to forever, you’ll probably be replacing your older vehicle sometime in the next few years. If this is the case, then paying for full coverage could be a waste of money. To save on your premium, reduce your insurance coverage to a liability-only policy. Once you start enjoying annual premiums, you can start building up cash in the bank to help, and that will help you buy your next vehicle. Seek Higher Deductibles Higher deductibles lead to lower insurance premiums. If you do switch to a policy with a higher deductible, put the money saved into a savings account until you’ve amassed the amount of money that will equal the cost of your new deductible. This way, if you’re in an accident or if you need to make a claim for another reason, you’ll have that amount on hand. Buy a Car That’s Inexpensive to Insure You’ve probably heard myths in the past about red cars being more expensive to insure, and about the insurance rates on a coupe being higher than the insurance on a sedan. In reality, insurance companies weight these features differently when it comes to setting rates. However, safety features are one type of feature that’s almost certain to make a positive difference in the cost of insurance. Modern safety features are designed to make cars harder to crash and safer to drive. Many insurance companies reward their customers for buying cars with extra safety features by reducing the price of auto insurance. Bundle Auto and Homeowners Insurance Many insurance companies will give a discount to customers who pay for multiple kinds of insurance through their company. Getting your auto insurance bundled with your homeowners or renters will help reduce your costs. For more information about how you can save money on auto insurance, contact your insurance agent to discuss your current policy. He or she can talk to you about other ways that you can save money on your annual premiums. Visit for more...

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4 Tips For Decreasing Auto Insurance Costs If You Have A Teenager

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Keeping the cost of your insurance down can be challenging if you have an inexperienced driver on your policy. However, getting your teenager auto coverage is typically a part of life for most parents. The key to avoiding the high cost of doing so may greatly depend on things you do to help reduce your costs. By knowing specific tips that will reduce your auto insurance bill, this can be extremely helpful to you if you just added another person to your policy that is new to driving. Tip #1: Encourage good grades Of course, you will want your teenager to excel in school to have a better life. However, another reason for you to do so is that you may qualify for up to a 10% reduction in the costs of your coverage if your teenager studies hard. Most insurance companies offer discounts if a B average is consistently maintained by the teenager. Tip #2: Buy a used car It’s no secret that older cars will cost less to insure, but these savings can significantly increase if you have a younger driver on your policy. Doing this one thing may allow you to get simply a basic liability policy rather than a complex, comprehensive one that can cost a lot of money. Additionally, be sure to look for a used vehicle that does has safety features, such as anti-lock brakes and airbags included to keep costs down even more. Tip #3: Increase your deductible Taking the time to talk to your insurance agent about increasing the amount of your deductible is sure to be time well-spent. This is the amount that you must pay before your insurance company renders payment for any claim that you file. However, you will want to have the amount of your deductible on hand if you do have to file an insurance claim.  Tip #4: Enroll in a driving course One of the things that cause insurance rates to be higher for teenagers is the lack of driving experience. It’s ideal to offset this by enrolling this person into a defensive driving course. This may allow you to get a reduction in the amount of your overall premium. You can have insurance rates that are within reason even if you do have a teenager on your policy. Be sure to talk to your local insurance agent like one from Axiom Insurance Agency about additional ways to help you save money on...

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Five Important Things You Can Do To Minimize The Costs Of SR22 Insurance After A Drunk Driving Arrest

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The biggest problem for most individuals who need to get SR22 insurance because of a drunk driving arrest is the additional costs in their monthly premiums.  With a drunk driving arrest in your past, insurance companies look at you as a bigger risk out on the roads. As such, they will not insure you with premiums as low as they were before your arrest. SR22 insurance costs can get out of control if you’re not careful. The following five tips could help you minimize the costs so that you can get back behind the wheel as soon as possible: Consult with a DUI attorney after your arrest Your best bet for alleviating the financial severity of a DUI charge is consulting an experienced DUI attorney for advice. Not only can an attorney help you avoid conviction, but he or she may also be able to offer you advice on upholding your legal requirements for insurance in an affordable manner.  Look into ways you can possibly avoid conviction In some cases, a driver facing a DUI conviction can avoid conviction through performing community service, attending alcohol rehabilitation courses, or arranging for participation in a diversion program.  Diversion programs are a form of sentencing used in criminal justice that permit defendants to avoid conviction. These programs involve a combination of community service, educational programs, and a promise given by the defendant that he or she will avoid certain situations that put them in danger of a future offense.  Don’t get arrested again If you think your SR22 insurance is expensive after one DUI conviction, you should be aware of the fact that your premiums will go up even more if you are charged with multiple DUI offenses.  Carpool to work when possible Some insurance providers will lower premiums if the insurance holder is minimizing his or her use of the vehicle being insured. If you want to have a car available for recreational use but you don’t want your SR22 insurance premiums to be very high, try to minimize everyday use of your vehicle. If you tell your insurance provider that you’re not using your vehicle on a daily basis, you may be able to get lower premiums.  Find insurance discounts you’re eligible for Although the need for SR22 insurance after a DUI charge tends to lead to higher premiums, there are always a variety of different ways a driver can bring down his or her premiums. Some possibilities include participating in a defensive driving course, driving a less expensive vehicle, and seeking a good student discount. Speak to an insurance company like Illinois Automobile Insurance or others to find out what other discounts you may be eligible...

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